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WSCC Breeders' Listing


Breeders who have dogs listed here must be eligible to be registered by the official Registry of the Country they live in! In Canada it is the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)


The breeders listed on this page are all members with The White Shepherd Club of Canada. This is not a recommendation for any or all of these breeders. The WSCC does “not” have a code of ethics that breeders sign, so please do your own research before buying.


Each breeder has their own contract, and each one is different.


Please read the contract carefully, before you sign it.  Make sure you are signing a contract that you can live with if something goes wrong.


If you are looking for a puppy or dog, we advise that you do extensive research before acquiring a dog of any breed from any breeder.

The White Shepherd Club of Canada breeders must follow the Canadian Kennel Club guidelines and regulation if living in Canada.

Please educate yourself by calling Canadian Kennel Club registration division at the following number (416) 675 5511.


Per The CKC guidelines, it is the responsibility of the breeder to insure that the follow is done before the pup leaves the breeders home.


1. Vaccinations:
Puppies must be vaccinated  before leaving the breeders premises.


2. Tattoo's and Micro chipping:

CKC requirement is that puppies can not leave the breeders premises without being Tattooed or Micro chipped. Purebred dogs in Canada must be uniquely identified for the purpose of registration. It is the responsibility of the breeder/owner of the dog at birth, or the

importer of a dog from a foreign country, to ensure that the dog is identified prior to leaving the breeders premises. This is not just a CKC rule, this is Canadian Law as detailed in the Animal Pedigree Act.


3. CKC Fees for Registration:

The cost of the CKC papers and registration should be provided at NO COST to the buyer. It is illegal to charge buyers for CKC papers.







NORTHERN WHITES -  Lori Ballan.  Box 614, 108 Mile Ranch, BC  V0K 2Z0
Tel: 250-791-6398 - Website: 






FURRARI SHEPHERDS - Marion & John Lopizzo. 3136 St. John Rd., RR#3, Newmarket,
ON L3Y 4W1 Tel/Fax: (905) 836-7520  -  - Website: FURRARI


HOOFPRINT FARM - Joanne Chanyi. 3511 River St. P.O. Box 2 56 Alvinston, ON N0N 1A0
Tel/Fax: (519) 847-5206 Website: HOOFPRINT

LYNSDEN'S SHEPHERDS - Lynda Proulx. 3511 River St. P.O. Box 2 56 Alvinston, ON N0N 1A0
Tel/Fax: (519) 847-5206 -  - Website: HOOFPRINT



2047 County Rd.11 ,Essex,  ON. N0R 1J0.
Tel/Fax: (519) 726-6815. Website: 


POLABEARAS- Karen Sayers 21205 McCormick Rd, Alexandria, Ontario, KOC 1A0
Tel: (613) 525-4373 Website: POLABEARAS



Sheila Sampson   RR#5 Orangeville,   Ontario   L9W 2Z2




Gabriele  Wallis - RR#4 - Campbellford, Ont. K0L 1L01827






BRAEHEAD KENNELS - Susan Ewart. 75 Old Albany Rd, Greenfield, MA (USA) 01301
Tel/Fax: (413) 773-5752 Website: BRAEHEAD



JAZS JEMS - Pam Hovind. 11284 80th Ave., Mecosta, MI (USA) 49332
Tel: (231) 349-4143


SANDHILL SHEPHERDS - Brad & Julie Hansen. 12768 Co Rd. E45, Olin, IA (USA) 52320-7765 
Tel: (319) 484-2678 Fax: (319) 484-2278 - Website: SANDHILL


VE-LIN'S WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD'S - Linda Gan Sparks. 35198 Walnut St. Barstow,
Ca. 92311  Tel: 760-253-7280 Website: VE-LIN'S


SHYLO STAR KENNELS - Arleen Ravanelli  573 Spring Lake Road Rhinelander, WI 54501  
Tel: (715) 367-4275 or (715) 362-4279  Website:  SHYLOSTARKENNELS


WORRYWORT KENNELS, Linda Lipford - 763 Robertson Dr. Brighton, MI 48116 - Tel: 810-225-3407  -





Breeders who have dogs listed here must be eligible to be registered by the official Registry as White Swiss Shepherd Dog by the Kennel Club of the Country of origine; and by the official Registry of the Country they live in!


OF KIMBERLY'S PRIDE - Ruut Tilstra. Wieldrechtpad 10 - 6833-CP Arnhem - Netherlands. - Website:









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